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Air Conditioning Maintenance in Grants Pass, OR

Think of servicing your air conditioning system as a tune-up for your car. You get routine maintenance to keep its maximum efficiency and avoid more serious issues (and costs) along the road. The same is true for your AC system—regular check-ups can prevent more significant problems from occurring and ensure that your system is working at peak performance as possible.

If you live in Grants Pass, OR, you know that summertime temperatures can be pretty brutal. It’s vital to ensure that your air conditioning unit is ready to go when the heat hits. Hence, we recommend scheduling an air conditioning unit maintenance in Grants Pass, OR, from one of our qualified technicians. We’ll clean your unit, check for any potential problems, and make sure that everything is in good working order.

Do AC Units Need Regular Maintenance?

Short answer: yes! Like any other mechanical system in your home, your air conditioner needs regular care and attention to function properly. By scheduling annual visits for AC maintenance Grants Pass, OR, you can avoid costly repairs down the road and keep your unit functioning well all summer long.

In addition, it can also increase the efficiency and prolong the life of your unit, help you avoid costly repairs, and more!

Why Should You Consider AC Maintenance Service Grants Pass, OR?

If your air conditioning unit is not working properly, you should consider maintenance service. Many people think they can fix their AC by themselves, but this often leads to more problems. A professional maintenance service can help you avoid these problems and keep your unit working correctly.

Here are some reasons why you should consider AC maintenance service in Grants Pass, OR:

Significant savings on repairs

The number one reason to consider AC maintenance in Grants Pass, OR, is to save money on repairs. Over time, your air conditioner will need repairs. These can be expensive, and if you don’t have a warranty, you will have to pay for them out of pocket. You can avoid these costly repairs by getting a professional tune-up before problems arise.

Improve efficiency

Another reason to consider maintenance service is to improve the efficiency of your unit. When it is not adequately maintained, it has to work harder to cool your home. This means using more energy and driving up your utility bills.

A professional tune-up will ensure that your unit is working at peak efficiency, which will save you money on your energy bills.

Lengthen the life of your unit

One of the best reasons to consider maintenance is that it can lengthen the life of your unit. Over time, your air conditioner will begin to wear down. This is normal, but it will wear out faster if you don’t get regular tune-ups.

By getting reliable maintenance services in Grants Pass, OR, you can extend the life of your unit and avoid having to replace it prematurely.

Avoid potential dangers

If you have young children or pets, you should especially consider maintenance to avoid potential dangers. If your unit is not functioning at an optimum level, it can release harmful chemicals. These chemicals can be dangerous to your health, and you don’t want your family to be exposed to them.

Peace of mind

Finally, AC maintenance service in Grants Pass, OR, can give you peace of mind. When you know that your unit is working optimally, you can relax and enjoy your home. You won’t have to worry about it breaking down or needing repairs, especially those times when you need it the most.

How Often Should I Schedule AC Maintenance Services?

The weather in Southern can be pretty hot and muggy during the summer months. To keep your air conditioner operating at its peak, you should have it serviced at least once a year.

Spring is typically the best time before the weather gets too hot. However, if you wait until fall or winter to schedule service, that’s okay too. Just make sure to do it before the weather gets scorching so that your air conditioner is ready to go when you need it.

This will give our technicians a chance to clean your unit and check for potential problems thoroughly. Catching these issues early would mean avoiding an expensive repair bill later on.

Not sure if you need AC maintenance in Grants Pass, OR? Here are a few things you can look for:

  • Is your air conditioner more than five years old? If so, then it’s probably time for a tune-up.
  • Do you notice any strange noises coming from your unit? It could be a sign that something is wrong and should be looked at by a professional.
  • Has it been a while since your last maintenance visit? If it’s already been more than a year, you should schedule another appointment as soon as possible.
  • Are you having some sort of issue with your system? It may not be cooling properly or acting up. Whichever the case, you should have one of our qualified technicians inspect your unit and recommend the best course of action.

What Does an Air Conditioning Maintenance Visit Include?

When you schedule an AC maintenance service in Grants Pass, OR, with us, our technician will do a thorough inspection of your system. It includes:

  • Checking the refrigerant levels
  • Testing the thermostat
  • Inspecting the evaporator and condenser coils
  • Checking the electrical components
  • Lubricating the moving parts
  • Cleaning the unit to get rid of any accumulated dirt or debris

After the inspection, our technician will clean your unit and ensure that everything is in good working order. Once we’re done with the inspection and cleaning, we’ll make sure that everything is working properly and advise you on any necessary repairs or replacements. We’ll also let you know if there’s anything you can do to improve the efficiency of your system.

Schedule Air Conditioning Tune-Up & Safety Inspection Today!

If it’s been a while since your last maintenance visit, or if you’ve never had one before, now is the time to schedule an appointment. Give us a call today to set up a convenient time for our technician to come out and inspect your system. We won’t leave until everything is in good working order.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Schedule your air conditioning tune-up and safety inspection today – contact us at (541) 476-6978!

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