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Heater Repair Services in Grants Pass, OR

There are a few things that could go wrong with your heater. For instance, the pilot light might go out, or the burners might not be working correctly. If you’re having any issues with your heater, it’s best to call a professional for heater service repair in Grants Pass, OR.

Lam-Air Heating & Air Conditioning offers various services, including heater repair. We understand that dealing with a broken heater is never fun. That’s why we offer fast and reliable service. We’ll come to your home, diagnose the problem, and get your heater up and running in no time.

Top 3 Signs Your Furnace Is Breaking

You don’t have to be an experienced HVAC technician to know when your furnace is on its last legs. Here are three signs that it’s time to call a professional for heater repair Grants Pass, OR:

No heat coming from the vents.

There are a few potential reasons why there’s no heat coming from your vents. One possibility is that something is blocking the airflow, such as furniture or curtains that have been placed too close to the heater.

Another case is that the furnace may be turned off or malfunctioning. It’s also possible that your heater may need to be cleaned or serviced.

The furnace is making strange noises.

Furnaces can sometimes make strange noises because of a variety of reasons:

  • Dust or dirt may have collected on the furnace’s internal parts, which can cause it to sound louder than usual.
  • The furnace may be old and need to be replaced.
  • There could be a problem with the furnace’s wiring or motor.
  • The furnace’s heat exchanger may be cracked or corroded.
  • The blower motor may need to be replaced or serviced.
  • There could be something blocking the airflow in the furnace system, such as a bird’s nest or a pile of leaves.
  • The thermostat may not be adequately calibrated.

Energy bills are higher than normal.

Have you noticed a spike in your energy bills? It’s likely that your furnace is either not working correctly or needs to be cleaned. A dirty furnace can increase your energy bills because it has to work harder to heat your home. A furnace that’s not working properly may also cause your energy bills to go up since it will take longer for your home to get warm.

You might consider having your furnace cleaned and serviced by a professional in order to ensure that it is running optimally. Additionally, you can help keep your furnace running efficiently by making sure that the area around it is clear of obstructions and that there is proper airflow.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At Lam-Air Heating & Air Conditioning, customer satisfaction is important to us. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our heater service repairs in Grants Pass, OR. If you’re not happy with our work, we’ll make it right. It’s as simple as that.

We also offer a variety of financing options to make our services more affordable. We understand that heating repairs can be expensive. That’s why we offer financing with approved credit to get the repairs you need without breaking the bank.

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Both residential and commercial property owners can attest to the importance of having a functional HVAC system. When it comes to heater repair in Grants Pass, OR, no one does it better than us. We’re a locally-owned and operated business, so we understand the importance of customer service.

We understand that you rely on your heater to keep your home or office comfortable. Hence, we offer 24/hour emergency services. No matter what time of day or night it is, we’ll be there to help you!

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